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Audio and video technology have undergone numerous advancements over the years. We help our clients create an amazing experience, whether at home or the office. We are a reputable company with the most qualified and experienced technicians. Our technicians have been in the business for a long time, giving them the knowledge and experience to understand the latest and most effective techniques, tools, and programs.

Our team is ready to take on any project regardless of the size or location and deliver the best results. Whether clients want commercial services, home audio services, or AV services for events, we are the people to call at 843.460.4575
Besides our skills and experience, we are insured, certified, and bonded to ensure that our clients and their property remain safe as we make the connections. Under our audio and video services, there are different specific services we offer for residential and commercial buildings.

Commercial ServicesAudio video technology integration and service

Digital media
The telecommunications industry has greatly improved, with many advancements in the cameras that are used to record videos. We help our clients improve and maximize their displays to the latest 4K or high-definition quality.
Whether in a boardroom, conference room, classroom, auditorium, or lobby, we install analog, digital, and control signals, which give our clients full scalability and flexibility. We also install the latest screens in our clients’ commercial spaces. The signals and the high-quality display ensure that our clients can access any information they need in video or audio form in the highest quality and best format.

Presentation technology
When making a presentation, everybody wants to ensure that the members in the room can hear them and see their demonstrations. We help our clients capture their audience’s attention with the best presentation technology customized to their budget and room space. Audiovisual projection systems are powerful assets to help people create connections via powerful presentations. To give clients the best presentation experience, we first modify the room to offer maximum audio and visual experiences. We then make special acoustic treatments that help minimize noises from outside and install speakers to deliver the perfect audio experience. Finally, if our client needs another screen or projector, we install that for a better visual experience.

Audio distribution system
This is a service for clients who want background music like office and gym background music. We install audio distribution systems that send music around the client’s building through an audio matrix switcher and central processer.
It is easy for the client to control the music via a keypad, touchscreen, iPad, handheld RF remote, or other Wi-Fi devices. We place the speakers in ceilings, walls, waiting areas, bookshelves, showrooms, as well as elevators. The placement depends on the client’s need, but whatever the location, we design the placement of speakers to blend with the surrounding, giving maximum audio impact with our audio video technology integration and service.

Distributed video
This allows one video source, like a mobile device media server or satellite receiver to be shared. Over several televisions through a video matrix switcher. It helps reduce the number of sources clients need for all the televisions on the premises.
It also helps make the premises neater and more organized by hiding all the equipment in a cabinet or storage space. This is most important if a client wants everybody in different parts of the premises to see the same thing on the displays. It is also a perfect solution for restaurants and other entertainment premises where they can broadcast music videos or sports matches simultaneously.

Wires and cable
New systems use Ethernet cables for transmission. For clients installing new cables or re-wiring their business, we are here to help make those connections.

Home Audio Service
Some people want a home movie or gaming room with special video and audio output. Regardless of the size or type of audio build a client wants, we are here to give them the best of the following home audio services.

Multi-room music
For clients who want to experience high-quality music in different rooms, we help them achieve that. Reflections from furniture and walls around the house could distort the sound quality getting to every room. We deal with technology that delivers amazing sound quality. Similar to the original recording, to give clients the best audio output.

Home theatre
For all movie fans, it is a dream to have a theater in the comfort of their home. This is only achievable with the best video; audio quality and quality acoustic wall builds. We which we can help our clients achieve. First, the room has to be designed to deliver the best audio and visual quality.
Also, we have special acoustic treatments in the room, which helps minimize the exterior noise. Also places speakers in measured distances for the best audio. We also install automated lighting control which gives the room high definition and a perfectly calibrated project for the best video quality. We advise our clients to position the seating carefully for clear unobscured viewing for everybody in the room.

Outdoor entertainment
Nothing screams summer more, than having outdoor parties and gatherings. For the best entertainment, people need the best quality audio and video equipment that delivers the best audio and video and can withstand weather elements without compromising the output quality. All Wiring Needs help our clients add the perfect video, audio, and lighting control to their backyard to make it an excellent outdoor entertainment spot. We know how to choose speakers that will deliver the best sound quality outdoors and are weatherproof. We also install high-quality TV screens with automatic glare control for maximum viewing even on a sunny day and can withstand elements.

High-performance audio
For clients who want whole home audio, we install high-quality audio systems that elevate our clients’ listening experience whether they are listening to music, watching movies, or listening to music.
All Wiring Needs, LLC creates a perfect equipment combination depending on our client’s sound quality requirements. The equipment includes receivers, preamps, amps, and speakers, all from top-end brands like Sonos.

Wire and Cable
Whether clients are installing a new entertainment system or re-wiring their home, we are here to help you. Our specialty in low voltage system design makes us a perfect fit for the job, instead of calling other professionals like electricians who might not be familiar with low voltage systems installation protocols. We ensure that all the wiring we use under floors, behind the walls, or those we install as structural components are well specific, rated and minimal interference if any at all. We also ensure that we install the electronic infrastructure in the home effectively to support the requirements of the client’s system and protect scalability in the long run.

Repairs and Maintenance

Media Player Troubleshooting
If our clients experience any problems with their media players, like freezing, missing media, or the media player not starting. Our media player troubleshooting services will help identify the problem and fix it.

Ethernet Network Cable Repair
Ethernet internet cables are a better solution for network connection than Wi-Fi. If clients notice that their connection is slow or keeps dropping, it means that their Ethernet cables are damaged. Whether the problem is with the Ethernet cable or the connector, we are here to help. We have the right tools, skills, and experience to repair any problems on any Ethernet network cables.

Audio video calibration
Video and audio output delivered in acoustically treated rooms that needs equipment to be calibrated and tuned to the room’s design. We calibrate the equipment for commercial and residential buildings to ensure that they get the best audio and video experience. That eliminates reflection from furniture and walls, which distort sound quality giving off degraded high frequencies and muddy bass.

Why Choose Us?

Our technicians have received the best training from reputable institutions, and they have passed all the required tests.

We have been in the business for a long time, dealing with different telecom and AV projects. That has improved our skills in various types and sizes of projects.
We are licensed, insured, and bonded
This helps us deliver our services safely to our clients, ensuring that we do not cause losses or injuries.

We have the best quality state-of-the-art equipment from reputable brands to help us deliver the best in all our projects. We have also partnered with audio and video companies like Sonos. Who have authorized us to install and troubleshoot their products. Therefore, clients are guaranteed that all the equipment we install in their homes and offices is of the best quality.

Affordable services
We believe that all clients deserve to have the best quality video and audio output in their homes and businesses, which is why we have tailored our prices to fit our clients’ budgets. Each situation is unique.

Warranty and guarantee
Once AWN install or repair audio and video equipment, we give our clients a six-month warranty on labor and 1 year factory warranty on the new products. For the best services, reach us through our contact form or estimate@allwiringneeds.com. Alternatively, clients can make service calls via our customer service line 843.460.4575

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