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Planning an Office Move

When you’re planning an office move – there are a few extra considerations to remember. Computer, printers, networking gear, security cameras, software and & more


7 questions to remember when planning an office move!

At one point in our life, we found ourselves making office moves and changing apartments a little too often. That led us to learn the challenges of offices moves first-hand and ultimately develop our processes for moving offices with all of our technology in tow.

Stress-free offices moves – that’s what we do! 

Hey! Jack of ALL Trades! Here’s one less thing for you to have to figure out last minute or fire to put out. 


All Wiring Needs will prepare all of your computers, printers, networking equipment, phones, tablets, hardware & more make the move to your new office. Our Goal? To get you back to business quickly & efficiently.  

Do you have an Office IT Migration Plan?

Will you keep, replace or recycle any of the IT equipment?

Where will the IT and electrical closet(s) be located in the new office/space?

Will you use new networking cabling & equipment at the new office?

Do your staff/employees need to pack anything in the boxes provided?

Who will dismantle & re-assemble all of the IT equipment?

Do you need to migrate any other Equipment - Door lock & control system, Software licenses, security cameras, TVs, video-conference equipment, etc.


Preventing Loss

One of the challenges of having so many moving parts during an office move is that inevitably something or another will “get lost.” Now generally, a quick search would do the trick!

We tag, scan and track everything you place in our care, to ensure that nothing of value gets “lost in translation.”

Ready to Move?

Move Conference Rooms

Move to a Bigger office!

Move ALL of your equipment!

Stay Connected during your Move


What People Are Saying

Found these guys through someone they had worked with. Easy to talk to, and work with. We need some computers set up and connected to our network. They got it done quick!

Anna G

Blumkoff P.C.

Working with All Wiring Needs was a breeze. We described what we wanted to be done, they did a site survey and we signed off on plans. Everything was done quickly. 

Theresa R

Executive Assistant, CoWorking Space

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