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structured cabling rack

What is structured wiring – and why is it so important?

In contrast to your household plumbing, structured wiring does not deal with water and pipes, but with electricity, data, wires, and cables.

Fifty years ago, an average household contained a comparatively small amount of consumer electronics, appliances, telecommunication devices, and outlets. Therefore, the wiring needed to run these items could be kept relatively simple.

Since then, home electronics have come a long way, and this is especially the case for telecommunication, particularly in the form of the internet. This means we:

  1. use more electronic equipment
  2. use more energy
  3. need different means of data transfer

In the context of a “smart home,” where your doorbell might be connected to your laptop, the tv is connected to the internet, and you can control the air conditioning with your cell phone, this is particularly important!

This means, your wiring needs to be more complex, of a different quality, and the structure needs to be well-planned to ensure smooth, efficient, and stable performance. This is achieved by a network of cables (fiber optic, coaxial, Ethernet), which start out from a central panel (located e.g. in the attic, garage, or a closet) and from there connect each room or the house.

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